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Meet Ashley! Transformational Mindset Coach, woman, mother, wife, writer, teacher, and aspiring author!

And welcome to her site, The Wiser Life, which is all about living, you guessed it... a wiser life... through the magic of mindset transformation and a higher belief in self. It’s about being the highest, wisest form of woman you can be! It's about being the BOSS LADY of your own life!

"I use a combination of journaling, mindset, and healthy living techniques to help women become the Boss Lady of their lives. By the end of my program, women will feel clear, strong, powerful, and ready to take on any obstacles! They are able to SMASH whatever 4-month goal they set out to accomplish! I'm creating an amazing life for myself and I want to help my clients know the same is possible for them!"

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- Ashley Rainsbarger

The Total Boss Lady Transformation Program:


Be the Boss Lady of Your Life.

How to achieve your goals and transform your mindset even if you have failed over and over before.

 Hey, I’m Ashley, and I work women who are ready to take charge and be the Boss Lady of their life!

Do you feel like it’s time to take off your excuses and put on your power? Then I think you’re ready to work with me.

Are you feeling tired of just letting your life go by? Do you want to let go of the guilt and shame you feel anytime you make space for your self-care? Are you setting goals but never achieving them? Are you having a hard time moving past your emotional pain or quitting negative behaviors that just leave you in the same old circle of your life?

Together, we will BLOW UP your most urgent goal!

I help women step into their power! Want to lose weight? Done. Want to feel more confident and sexy? Done! Want to change jobs, or get started on your new business or find your purpose so you can act on it?
Done, done, and done!

You’re a Boss Lady. You’re in charge of your life and you need to start acting like it.

I use a combination of healthy living, journaling, and mindset techniques to help you uncover your HUGE inner power. You are a strong, beautiful, powerful woman who just hasn’t figured out how to use her power yet…YET.

What I used to be:

Unsure of my purpose.
Okay with settling.
Attractor of suckiness.
Over 220lbs.

What I am now:

Full of joy and hope.
Manifestor of money.
Creator of business.
Awesome Writer.
Super Woman.

Believer in self.
Personal Development nerd.
Attractor of awesomeness.
Not to mention healthier, and thinner.

Together we will…

*SMASH your 4 Month Goal! Want to lose weight, switch careers, find your purpose, get out of a rut, or just get motivated and take better care of yourself? Whatever it is, I’ve got your back!

*Achieve Emotional Freedom! The past got you down? I’ve been there. You’re going to let go of past emotional baggage and struggles so you can find and keep your joy!

*Connect to Your Personal Power! You ARE a beautiful and POWERFUL woman. You just need a little help uncovering your abilities so you can use your newfound power to change the rest of your life!

*Develop a Deep Sense of Confidence! No more guilt and shame. No more wondering whether you can achieve your goals.  You’re going to finally realize you absolutely will if you choose it.

*Improve your physical/spiritual/mental wellness. Everything about you is going to feel better so that it can be so much easier for you to create continue developing healthier habits with ease!

The Total Boss Lady Transformation Program
is for you if…

Nothing else has worked.
You love the idea of writing the bullshit out of your life.
You’re open-minded and ready to try things you haven’t before.
You’re ready to get healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually.
You’re ready to believe they hey, maybe I can be sexy, powerful, and awesome!
You need help and support to set and achieve your goals in work, life, and self-care.
You’re scared but ready to give it your all because you can’t stand another second in your current situation!
You’re ready to surrender yourself to the awesome power of the Universe, because, why not?

The Boss Lady Program is NOT for you if:

You want to continue whining.
You like letting fear rule your life.
You’re not ready to explode your current limiting beliefs about the world.
You want to stay in your unhappy, unhealthy comfort zone.

What I Believe About You:

I don’t even know you but I do know you have the power to say, do, be, and create anything you desire. I know you haven’t so far because you feel stuck. I know you spend a lot of time taking care of others. I know you sometimes, or all times, feel guilty for spending any time on yourself. I know you’ve settled in your life so far because you’re grateful for what you have and, well, why push it? I know you probably have limiting beliefs about happiness, health, wealth, and your purpose in life.

And I also know there’s at least a faint voice inside you, deep down, screaming for you to get out! To be yourself, already! To set your spirit free! But you haven’t the slightest idea how to do that, and quite frankly, it feels impossible. So why toil away with hopes of a dreamy life, when it’s so much easier to just sit with what you have and be grateful for what you’ve got?

You Don’t Have to Settle Anymore…

Here’s the thing. Life is not about this or that. Life is about this AND that.

You can keep everything that’s good about your life AND have more.

You can be sexy as hell AND eat Oreos.

You can be humble AND be rich.

You can be healthy AND enjoy great food.

You can run your own business AND be a great mom.

You can demand respect from men AND attract men who will respect you.

You can do what you love AND charge great money for it.

Stop limiting your life.


It’s annoying.

You are actually hurting the Universe by not being the BEST version of yourself.

It’s time to decide to decide!

Are you ready to transform your mindset?

Yes! But remember. I don’t work with just any woman who wants to be in The Total Boss Lady Transformation Premium Program.

I’m looking for soul-sisters who are ready to step up their Boss Lady game and finally get IN CHARGE of their life! I’m looking for Queens ready to step into their Queendom.

 I’m not just going to be your coach, I’m going to be the person who calls you on all your shit.

I’m going to hold you accountable. Be ready for it.

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so we can create a vision for the life you want to live and then determine whether I can help you get there!

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Listen, this is a real program that can yield you transformational mindset results…but ONLY IF you are ready to make a change. Only if you are willing to do the work. And only if the pain of your current situation is worse than the initial pain you’re willing to go through to make this personal change. Your time is always NOW. But you have to make a choice.

Ashley’s Transformational Coaching Programs!


Premium Program: Ashley’s Total Transformation Boss Lady Premium Coaching Program is launching soon!

DIY Program: Ashley will also offer a lower price DIY program that includes everything in the premium program, without the 1:1 support.

Contact: If you have questions about any program, please email Ashley at .

The Total Boss Lady Transformation,

Premium 1:1 Coaching Program

16 Week Premium Program Includes:

1:1 Coaching Support Calls (2 calls per month, 45 Minutes)
One 2-Hour intensive 1:1 Goal Setting Session
1 Weekly Group Call (45 Mins)
Private Facebook Group Membership and Support
Live Chat Office Hours
Access to Membership Site and Resource Library
4 Months of Direct Email Support

The Total Boss Lady Transformation,

DIY Program Version

16 Week DIY Program Includes:

The DIY Version Includes everything in the premium version, minus any 1:1 support. You will be able to access all materials, workbooks, videos etc. and participate in the Facebook group, as well as the group calls, but there are no 1:1 coaching sessions.

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