“Please take advantage of this planner to start the New Year off with a bang!”


Happy New Year, friends! How is 2018 treating you so far?


Did you notice the title for this week’s journal is a little different? That’s because, in the spirit of the New Year, and as a thanks to you for being my reader, I’m giving you a free gift.


The 2018 Yearly Planner

It’s the 2018 Yearly Planner printable workbook for your 2018 intentions. If you haven’t journaled yet about your 2018 intentions, please do.

Use my last Journal for Wisdom Wednesday’s post to help you!

There’s no strings attached. You don’t have to follow any of my social media profiles, take any challenges, or subscribe to my list. Of course I welcome you to do that and I hope you do, but what I hope more is that you’ll have an amazing 2018 because you took the time to think and write about your goals. I care about my readers. I want to grow and I want you to grow. Please take advantage of this planner to start the New Year off with a bang!


Your Assignment

There’s no usual prompt. I’ll get back to those next week. This week, your assignment is to print and fill out the planner workbook and set your spirit on fire!

As always, I would love to hear about any new insights you discovered while writing. Here’s your free gift:



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Happy New Year!


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