It’s so difficult sometimes to take a deep, intentional breath and just be grateful for all that you have and all that will be, and to surrender your struggle to the Universe.”


Hey, awesome ladies!

Isn’t Tuesday great? I can never decide on Tacos or Tequila…

I’m kidding. A little…

If you’ve been paying attention to my posts on social media, you know it’s been a rough month for my family. My mother is very sick and we still don’t know what to expect. I saw her yesterday and held her hand and let her know I was thinking about her and how I wished I could make her feel better. She’s currently receiving dialysis and not communicating well because she’s so weak. I love her very much so please send her all of your positive vibes! This is my favorite picture of she and me taken about 6 years ago. It’s a little blurry! She was just about to kiss my head!

It wasn’t easy for my mom to be a mom. I understand that now. But one thing she does that no other person I know has ever been able to match…is love me completely and wholly unconditionally. She taught me that real love is infinite.

To say I’m having a hard time right now is an understatement.

I’m moving at a snail’s pace.  I’m trying to overcome all the pain and self-doubt that’s creeping into my system.

But I’ve struggled with hard situations like this and more from a very young age.

It’s so difficult sometimes to take a deep, intentional breath and just be grateful for all that you have and all that will be, and to surrender your struggle to the Universe.

But that’s exactly what we have to do. Because that’s what allows us to find our inner power and strength!

That’s what allows us to grow instead of remaining stuck!

I don’t know what you’ve been through…but my life has been pretty difficult. I’ve lived through poverty, abuse, depression, and a suicide attempt. I’ve witnessed much of my family fall ill or die from addiction. I’ve started and quit many jobs because I felt so confused about my purpose.

But once I started teaching, things changed for me. I finally got a little taste of the purpose-filled life and what it feels like to inspire. From there I grew into a personal development nerd and finally, I decided to just put all my faith into designing my life and creating my coaching business.

I’m not all the way there yet… It’s so much more about the journey than the destination! But I have come so far in my growth mindset because I decided…

Screw fear.

Screw doubt.

Screw limiting beliefs!

I feel like I can DO ANYTHING.

I feel like I can BE ANYTHING.

I feel like my life is a direct reflection of my INTENTIONS.

I’m going to make shit happen.

And even when I have to endure more difficult situations, I know now that I’m not going to fall apart. I know I’m going to be just fine.

That’s just who I am now. And it feels great!


So, what’s holding you back? What are your goals? What pain are you unable to move through?

I would love to connect with you and find out more about your struggle, and give you some coaching techniques to move past them! I’m warming up my coaching muscles. I want to support and stretch you.

I am absolutely not selling anything. I just want to start connecting with those of you who have similar stories of emotional pain. I want to build a community of women supporting other women.

Just comment below or email me!

I hope you choose to make this week wonderful, despite all your obstacles. I want you to stay the course!

Happy Tuesday, and Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

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