“You are the only You there is, and your creator is not happy that you don’t treat yourself better because he/she/it lovingly created every last cell of your body with meaning and a deep sense of purpose.”


You’ve been searching for it all along, but still can’t find it. It keeps evading you with every life decision, wrong or right. It must be something profound, something only wise, old-folks figure out just before they take their last breath. You can’t seem to find it by searching on Google, and it’s not in your fortune cookie. It’s not hiding in your grandma’s old journals or in that amazing novel you just finished. It’s not hiding somewhere in parenthood, money, acts of charity, or your passion-filled career. Many have figured out it’s not even religion.


I Know The Secret to Life


So, what is the secret to living a happy, successful, peaceful life?

I know the secret to life and I’m not going to make you read much further before I tell you. But I have to warn you first. You’re not going to like what you read. You will be annoyed. You will accuse me of being too simple and hate me for leading you on.

You’re going to say, “That’s not profound at all.”

You’ll dismiss it, but I’m going to risk all of that and tell you anyway.

But first I’m going to make a prediction: I predict one day, when you finally get your shitty life together, when you finally feel the joy and peace you’ve been seeking all these years, when you’ve finally found the strength to give up your addictions or leave your leach of a partner and make room for your true self, you’ll think back to this article. You’ll remember my words and and you’ll say, “She was exactly right.”

Are you ready for it? The secret to life, folks, is to love yourself.

That’s right. The secret to life, the most important thing you can ever truly learn, is to LOVE YOURSELF. Love yourself in your thoughts, love yourself in your actions, and love yourself in your words.

You don’t have to love God, or create beautiful art, or forgive your family, or anything else. All of those things add true value to your life. But they are not what’s going to fill the hole in your soul. You can do anything I said above, but if you don’t love yourself, you’ve got nothing. You will always feel like something is missing and will tear yourself apart trying to find the right piece.

Loving yourself will unlock the door to the Universe and the power in your soul.

Negative feelings about life tend to fall into one of these categories: love, money, health, and life-purpose. Read below and decide which category affects you the most.


I Need Love

You’re not happy in your relationship or you’re not happy being alone. Maybe you don’t think you can do any better. Maybe you’re not in a relationship at all and long for your soul-mate. Maybe you’ve settled for a person who is not right for you. Maybe the person you love doesn’t love you. You constantly wish for that special someone to make it all better.

I Need Money

You don’t have any or you don’t have enough. You’re constantly thinking, I could DO this, or I could BE that, or I could HAVE this…if I had money.

I Need Better Health

You’re sick, overweight, underweight, or addicted to drugs or alcohol. You’re depressed. You don’t like what you see in the mirror or you wake up every day with a physical or mental affliction and you resent it. It isn’t who you are or who you want to be. You feel helpless. If you could look a certain way, kick your addiction, or miraculously wake up tomorrow cured, then everything would change.

I Need to Find My Life’s Purpose

You’re not satisfied with your job or the role you play in life. Your career isn’t fulfilling. Your role as a parent is not what you thought or feels overwhelming. You can’t figure out what you were put on this stupid planet to do. You’ve made too many mistakes so far and you’re too scared to try again. Time is running out. You feel like you’re wasting life and the clock is ticking.


Does this sound familiar? We all spend life trying to mend these categories. We fill up our time torturing ourselves about these areas of our lives and spend enormous amounts of energy fretting over them but never really taking big enough steps to help them.


The Missing Piece


So, what is the missing piece?

YOU! YOU are the missing piece. You are the only You there is, and your creator is not happy that you don’t treat yourself better because he/she/it lovingly created every cell of your body with meaning and a deep sense of purpose.

You have to LOVE yourself as the universe loves you. You have to be in a relationship with, and actively seeking to love and evolve your truest SELF.

Loving yourself will attract the right people and more money because you will no longer be accepting of people or jobs that are below your standard of worth. Loving yourself will heal you because you’ll no longer want to damage your body or waste more time than necessary being sad or angry about life. Loving yourself will propel you faster towards your life’s purpose because you will no longer burden yourself with such immense pressure to discover it, and you will eventually understand that every life experience you participate in is not a mistake, but a stepping stone on a journey to your inevitable destination.

Love yourself. And you will never be alone.





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