Bloggers Wanted! A New Blog Series

Bloggers Wanted! A New Blog Series

I’m looking for guest posts that elaborate on the connection between a healthy body and spirituality!


The Healthy Body and Spirit Connection


It started out as a simple request, but ended up drawing in a lot of interest!

In my spiritual journey, I’ve become really interested in the connection between a healthy body and spirituality. Is there a connection? Is a positive attitude really healthier? Can you heal yourself through spiritual means? What experiences and advice do others have to give on this topic?

I simply wanted a guest blogger to write a post about this topic and help to enlighten me and my readers. But as it turns out, many people are interested in writing on the subject! And there’s no reason not to accept all they have to offer!

So I’ve decided to turn this topic into a weekly blog series! Hopefully, starting next week, I’ll be posting one post from a guest writer about some aspect of the complex nature between spirituality and health.

The length of the series depends on the number of submissions.


How to Submit

Do you have something to offer this discussion? An experience? Or, advice?

I’d love to hear about whatever floats your spiritual, healthy body boat. There are no formal guidelines. Write whatever speaks to you. As long as it’s not completely against what I stand for, I’ll make it a part of the series and promote you on my site and social media pages during the week I publish your post.

Send your submission to thewiserlifeblog @ gmail .com and I’ll let you know what week you’ll be published!


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Questions or concerns? Comment below!

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