Have Faith in the Universe, for it WILL Take You Places

Have Faith in the Universe, for it WILL Take You Places

“Once you change your mindset the Universe delivers what you need in a lot of funny ways.”


Things for me are really moving for me since deciding to get serious about starting my coaching business. 

But even before that, ever since I decided to change my mindset, my life followed suit. Now I’m taking action like a true Boss Lady! Things are really happening and I’m even attracting awesome connections into my life. Here’s the 411…

Wait, does anyone even know what that means anymore? Haha!

  1. I made an awesome new friend!
  2. I have a beautiful new work space!
  3. I finished my premium program outline! Which I will launch in a MONTH
  4. I’m offering an awesome new FREE workbook for Money Mindset!

My New Friend!

I connected with a wonderful woman in a Facebook group who was just looking for a little guidance on becoming a coach. She happened to also be experienced in business startup…so it was a perfect match! I gave her coaching advice and she gave me business advice. Plus, we had so much in common that I’m sure we’re going to be real, supportive friends!

Once you change your mindset the Universe delivers what you need in a lot of funny ways.


My New Work Space!

Also, this week my husband finished the desk he’s been working on and now I finally have a beautiful work space set up to do my coaching business. Having a beautiful space for you to be creative in is so important! I love it! I’m also so grateful to be married to man who supports me in my dreams. Isn’t it amazing?

My New Program!

I’ve got the outline of my program all set up and I’m ready to start making content!

My 4 Month program is going to focus on goal setting first (so we know what we’re working towards), letting go of all the “shit” in your life (all the stuff that holds you back), taking care of #1 (YOU!), and then making shit happen! The last part of the program focusses on kicking your faith and action into high-gear so that you feel so much more confident about your ability to handle whatever the future holds!  I’m will be offering free Breakthrough coaching calls soon, so be sure to reply if you’re already thinking about signing up for this amazing program. I launch in a month!

Spots are very limited as I can only handle about 4 Premium Clients per month.


My New Workbook!

Also, I’ve been eagerly working on my first workbook that I will use in the premium program about Money Mindset.  I’m designing for my clients but will offer it as a FREE gift to anyone else who signs up for my email list. Here’s the cover. I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. The information in this workbook is what helped me manifest the money to sign up for a coaching certification program AND hire a business coach. Before my shift in mindset, I would have just surrendered to my limiting beliefs that I could NEVER afford to do something like this, or have the GUTS to take that kind of financial risk. And never, would I EVER have believed I could start my business.

It’s not available yet, but don’t worry. As soon as I make it available on my site, you can enter your email and sign up for it as a THANK YOU for being my awesome subscriber!

Remember: You are the Boss Lady of your life!

Screw fear.
Screw doubt.
Screw limiting beliefs!



And you can do it all without permission from anyone else but yourself!

Have a wonderful week!

Please comment below and tell me about any WINS in your life! Or maybe you’re struggling. I’d love to give a few tips on how to handle anything life throws your way.

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Happy Sunday, and Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

3 Steps to Attract More Money

3 Steps to Attract More Money

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting more money and believing that you deserve it, because it’s the best way to make positive changes in your life, therefore leaving you freer to make positive changes in the lives of others.”

Money: We Love You, But We Hate You

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with money. We love to have money, but when we lack, we love to say things like, “Money’s the root of all evil.” We also love to talk about how we’re glad we’re not rich because we don’t want to spoil our children.

Yeah, right.

And when people do dirty, greedy acts because they were motivated by money, we blame the money instead of people.

We also love to pretend like we don’t really need or want a large sum of money. We roll our eyes at fancy houses, mock people who go through college on trust funds, and have negative conversations about people who go on way too many vacations throughout the year.

“Must be nice. Wish I could afford to visit the Bahamas for the 2nd time this year! What do they do for a living anyway? Raise people from the dead?”

It’s Time to Get Over Your Limited Beliefs About Money

We act this way mostly because we’re too afraid we will never receive enough money, so we don’t bother being happy for anyone else who has it. If we did receive it, we wouldn’t feel like we deserved it anyway and would feel insecure about how to best use it.

The truth is, money isn’t evil (people use it to do terrible things). Money doesn’t spoil children (we do). Money doesn’t corrupt minds (people are already corrupt).

Money is actually an amazing tool that has helped numerous people achieve wonderful things in this world. Hating money is like hating the hammer I used to accidentally smash my finger. It’s a tool and it’s not responsible for how dumb I am.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more money and believing that you deserve it, because it’s the best way to make positive changes in your life, therefore leaving you freer to make positive changes in the lives of others.

It’s important that we practice gratitude for money and start to believe that we are capable of attracting more of it.

Here are three steps you can take to attract more money into your life:

1. CORRECT Your Negative Thoughts About Money

Most of us have this mean little voice in our head that tells us we can’t have more money or we don’t deserve more of it. These thoughts might sound like this:

I never have enough money at the end of my paycheck.
I’ll never be able to find a job that makes more than I do now.
I want to start my own business and make more money but I’m not smart enough.

Recently, I’ve realized that the power of thought is a completely wonderful and underrated superpower that most humans don’t bother to use to their advantage. My favorite quote of all time is from Henry Ford, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are probably right.”

If you constantly think thoughts like the ones above, then they will be true, because what you believe is the TRUTH. Successful people are successful, not because they don’t have those thoughts, but because they tell those voices to SHUT THE HELL UP, and then consciously replace them with new, positive, and truthful thoughts.

Take the first thought for example: I never have enough money at the end of my paycheck.

Okay, is that REALLY true? You NEVER have enough money for things you need or want? EVER?

Well, I’m usually able to pay my bills and have a little leftover for things I like to do, like have dinner with friends.

If the word NEVER is not the truth then stop saying it to yourself and correct the thought with something positive like this: I’m grateful for the money I made this month that helps me to pay bills and go out to dinner a few times with friends. I know more money is coming next month.

Changing your thoughts to reflect the actual truth of your circumstances is important because believing in a non-truth will turn that non-truth into the truth of your reality.

Did you catch that? Basically, your thoughts will be the truth.

A strong combination of positive thought and personal action will take you further in life than you ever believed you could go before. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Take ACTION on Your Financial Desires

Even if your thought is true, in order for anything to change, you’ve got to DO SOMETHING to change it. So many of us complain about our circumstances without ever taking action. Don’t say, There’s nothing I can do about it, because that’s absolutely not true, ever.

The universe will help you out, but you have to meet it halfway. If you told your intelligent, but lazy teenage son you would reward him with $20 if his report card showed A’s or B’s but he came home with C’s and D’s, would you give him the $20? I hope not.

The Universe works in the same way. We absolutely will not be rewarded in life by negative thinking and lack of doing.

Consider what you’re willing to do to change your current truth to get some more cash. If you don’t have enough money in your paycheck, then consider ways to make additional money on the side or move up in your company. Talk to your boss, look at ads on Craigslist, or research work you can do from home.

If you think a better job is the answer, then your ass better be out looking for that job. You should be researching what you want to do, combing Indeed and Monster for leads, ramping up your resume, building references and asking for letters of recommendation. (Feeling lost on your purpose? Read this post.)

If you’ve decided you’re finally ready to work through your fear of starting a new business, you might need to read books about how to get started, talk to the bank about business loans, and begin designing your logo. Your attention should be laser-focused, and hell-bent on moving up the financial ladder through whatever means you decide is joyful and necessary.

The point is, DO SOMETHING. Show the universe you’re trying. Don’t get caught up in whether or not it’s the right move because any movement is better than no move and will lead you somewhere as opposed to nowhere.

Stop deciding that it can’t be done. Stop deciding to do something later. Do something now, keep doing it until your circumstances change.

3. BELIEVE in Your New Financial Truth

Being conscious of your thoughts and taking action on them is probably easier than the next thing I’m going to ask you to do.

Now, you have to BELIEVE these efforts are going to work in unison with the universe to change your reality. You have to TRUST in the powers that be. You have to keep FAITH that the universe wants you to succeed and will eventually deliver what you’ve been asking for in your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

You’ve identified and corrected your negative thoughts. You’re taking action to show the universe you mean business. Now you have to BELIEVE you’re going to get there. You have to KNOW it’s going to happen. You’ve got be UNWILLING to accept any other outcome. There is no other option. You ARE going to start a business, or move up in your current job, or get a new job. Or you ARE going to discover your new life’s journey.  And you ARE going to make the money you set out to make. You DESERVE it.

Have you ever noticed how easily things get done when it just makes sense to you that it’s going to get done? Up to this point you’ve been out there doing what everyone else does. You finished high school, maybe even college. You got a job. You got married. You had children. You finished a project at work. You lost weight.

You completed these tasks because you always knew that’s just how it had to be. Quitting high school or flunking out of college was not an option. You got a job because you had to pay bills. You finished a project at work because you didn’t want to get fired. You lost weight because you knew you had to stop feeling so freaking fat.

You were determined, you believed, and you got it done. There was no plan B. Plan B. did not exist.

Why is this task any different? Just because a task seems bigger, doesn’t mean it can’t be done with the same frame of mind. Set a goal. Take action. Believe that it’s going to be accomplished.

Your will, will be done.

My Money Manifesting Story

(Updated 1/24/2018) Recently I have gotten over A LOT of my limiting beliefs about money. And what happened? I manifested enough money to pay for a very expensive business coach to help me launch my business. Before that, I manifested enough to take a coaching certification course.

Manifesting does not mean $5000 just dropped out of the sky. Manifesting means that suddenly my mind opened wide enough to consider financial options I had never, ever considered before. Manifesting means you get clear about EXACTLY what you want. You believe and are grateful that the money is coming. You explore your options. You take action. You surrender to the Universal powers that be, and you are certain it’s coming your way. You are open to all the possible Hows and all the possible Whens.

Actually, you are also open to all the Hows and Whens that seem Impossible. I mean, who knows? Maybe $5000 will fly down from the sky and into your lap. Stranger things have happened.

To manifest the money for my coach I did all of the above. I also said my money affirmation a few times per day: “I am wealthy. Money comes to me easily and naturally.”  

My goal is to quit my $1,000 month per year, part-time job once I’m able to replace it comfortably with $2,000 per month by this Summer. After that, I plan to grow it to $10,000 per month by the end of this year. And after that, I plan to make enough that my husband can quit his physically demanding job with the railroad to help with my business and do something he loves… like flipping houses or wood-working.

It absolutely does not bother me to share this with you. Okay, that was a lie. I felt a tiny twinge of…OMG WHAT IF I FAIL. It bothers me a little. But even when I feel doubt, as humans often do, I feel a stronger sense of faith that I will manifest exactly the life I desire and participate in creating.

I plan to update this post every time my money manifesting powers shine through, so stay tuned.

Bonus Tip: Money Masters

To continue your quest for more money, the best thing you can do is read, read, and read some more on the topic. This is done so you can expand your “wealth consciousness”, as they call it. You can do this as a way to show the Universe you’re serious, and it helps to replace your negative thoughts on money with positive ones. Most of what I shared with you here today, was inspired by Jen Sincero’s books, “You are a Badass,” and “You are a Badass at Making Money.”

She didn’t start getting her life figured out until her 40’s, and now she’s attracting all kinds of awesome badassyness into her world. I am not being paid to say this. I just want you to have a breakthrough after reading her books like I did.

Read these books and others like them to build positive energy around your new idea of money. Pretty soon, if you take it seriously, you’ll be raking it in.

I would LOVE to read your comments on this topic! Plus, don’t  forget to check out my Money board on Pinterest!

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