6 Things to STOP Now If You Want to Be Successful

6 Things to STOP Now If You Want to Be Successful

“Stop giving a shit about the opinions of people who are afraid to grow… and no matter what happens, stay on course. Their opinions can only affect you if you let them.” 


I’m so excited because this week I reached 1k Total Social Follows! Check out my sidebar to see for yourself. I know, it’s not much, but to me, it’s everything! To me, it means it’s possible to reach 100k and beyond! Which means it’s possible to spread my message to thousands of people like you who have a deep desire for something better than what you currently know to be true.

To celebrate, I wrote a post that I hope will get you jumpstarted into living your life on purpose, setting big goals, and celebrating every tiny achievement that gets you to the big one!

From my own experience, here’s what you need to STOP doing if you want to be successful:


1. Stop Letting Fear Win

Stop letting fear win. Notice I didn’t say, stop being afraid. You can’t help but to be afraid of taking risks. Taking risks means going into the unknown, and it’s only natural to feel fear. However, risk-taking is the only way to be rewarded. If you want what you’ve always had, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want something different and better, you best grow some bigger melons girl, and get to doing something different and better!

Being brave doesn’t mean you’re not scared. It means you are scared and you do it anyway.

It makes me cringe to write this, which is exactly why I’m forcing myself to do it, but I recently took pretty big financial risks to fund my business by hiring a business coach. Even though I have enough faith and wisdom to know the dream is going to happen, it hasn’t happened yet, and telling you about it now means I will have to face you later with results. But I don’t let fear call the shots anymore.


2. Stop All the Negative Self Talk

Have you heard that new song by Kesha? Hymn? Well, the best lyric is, “Here’s to knowing you’re perfect even if you’re f**ked-up!”

Yeah, you’ve got issues. I relate. And I know it’s so hard to stop believing in your own incompetency when you’ve proved to yourself over and over how easy it is to fail, or when you see others fail, or when there is so much to be afraid of. But you’ve got to start believing in yourself. Love yourself in your thoughts, your words, and your actions. It’s the secret to life! Seriously…I wrote about it. I also made a Pinterest board about it!

The last few months I’ve made a conscious effort to reflect on and correct my negative thoughts or words. If I look in the mirror and think, man I’m a fatass…I catch myself and immediately and correct it to, No, I am beautiful. If I say out loud, I’m so stupid! I catch myself and correct it to, No I’m really smart!

No, you won’t immediately believe it, but if you commit to doing this over and over you will eventually condition your brain to stop being such a wimp. You are smart, you are beautiful, you are powerful, and you can have what you desire. But you’ve got to do the work if you don’t already believe it!

What you say, do, and think will be the truth of your circumstances. It always is.


3. Stop Apologizing

Don’t apologize or feel guilty for having a better lifestyle than the one you grew up in, or having a more positive attitude, or for making a difference, or for being successful, or having a bigger house, or getting an education, or just having a better life in general.

This is something I have struggled with. I grew up poor and now I’m middle class. A lot of my family still lives a poor lifestyle and even though I’ve never, ever bragged about my situation (because there’s absolutely nothing to brag about, I got problems and bills too) I get treated differently and sometimes put down verbally. People suddenly think of you as a different person when you’re able to finish college, pay your bills, and afford a house in a suburb. Oh, suddenly you’re too good for us, huh? 

Don’t let others make you feel bad about your positive choices. But don’t waste time being angry with them either. It’s nothing personal. They just feel like you can’t relate to them anymore. They don’t believe you have to struggle as hard as they do, and they are responding in fear because suddenly they are forced to face the realization that maybe they can do it too.


4. Stop Listening to Negative Nancy

“Who do you think you are? You’ll never get that far. That costs too much money. You don’t have enough time. Don’t dream soooo big. You’re too old. You’re too young. Why would you give up your secure job? You are being selfish. You’re crazy”

Chances are you’ve heard these sentences from the mouths of others. Because any time you get the guts to pursue a goal, you are met with all the resistance in the world.  It’s not a sign that you should stop. Its just people who are really uncomfortable with people like you, who want to grow.

The moment you decide to go after your truth, shit will hit the fan. People will watch to see if you fall apart, and if you do… they are eager to say, I told you so.

You’re going to make mistakes. It will happen. Expect it. But failure only happens when you quit. Stop giving a shit about the opinions of people who are afraid to grow… and no matter what happens, stay on course. Their opinions can only affect you if you let them.

Would you take it to heart if a Kindergartner said you were dumb? Hopefully, you would just laugh it off and say something kind in return because you know what they said isn’t true, and you want to set a better example. That’s how you have to approach these people. Smile and nod if you have to, but don’t let their words instill fear or take away your powerful beliefs.


5. Stop Waiting

You will never be confident enough, thin enough, bold enough, rich enough, prepared enough, or perfect enough if you keep waiting. Give up your perfectionism. Stop waiting around for just the right moment to spring on you.

Dive head-first into the dark water and be ready to fight whatever ugly, giant fish swims your way. Usually, the fish turns out to not be as ugly or as giant as you imagined in the first place.

How many people have to die before you accept that you’re going to die too? Don’t waste more time waiting for something that might never come. Most waiting is just an excuse not to start.

I am still unsatisfied with my website, my inconsistent social media posting strategy, my current weight, my lack of finances, and a lot of other things. But I just keep on keeping on because it will never be perfect and I know I can learn as I go.


6. Stop Putting Yourself Last

This one should really be first on the list but I put it last because I want it to resonate with you the most.

Yeah, you’ve got a partner, kids, or other family and friends who all have needs that maybe you are responsible for meeting.

First, let’s make sure you actually are responsible for those needs. Yes, your kids need to feel loved, your partner needs communication, and maybe your family or friends need a certain level of support with certain things. But no, you are not responsible for anyone’s happiness, their satisfaction of life, entertainment, or feeling of self-worth (there are obviously some exceptions with children).

Remember that everyone in the house should share responsibility. Do you really need to fold everyone’s laundry or make everyone’s bed or wash everyone’s dishes?

And, always make time for yourself. Take a bath, read a book, go out with friends, cook meals you like, order food you want to try instead of always giving in to what your partner or kids want, make time for yoga- or whatever it is that floats your happy boat. And don’t just fit it in when you can, schedule it in. Make it a priority. Personally, my husband and I have worked out a schedule where every evening (that something is not planned) he get’s 1.5 hours and then I get 1.5 hours to do whatever the hell we want. We make an exception 1 night of the week to spend time with the kids together, and we still have lots of time on the weekends.

When it comes to friends and family, you’ve got to stop enabling them. If they are too negative, sucking up all your good energy and using your amazing listening skills to dump their crap all over you, you’ve got to put an end to that crap immediately. It does affect you and it’s killing your mojo. Be brave enough to explain you’re in a positive space now, or begin to distance yourself from them. Mamma ain’t got time for that!

If you learn nothing else, please understand that putting yourself first IS NOT SELFISH. It’s the best thing you can do for your family because it’s making you feel good and helping you be at your best. When you are at your best… you can be the best when you’re with them.


Just Remember

You can take my advice with a grain of salt. I consider myself a successful person. But where I came from, a world full of poverty, addiction, and abuse, my mindset about life is a monumental achievement.

I am beautiful inside and out. I deserve to be loved by myself and others. My time is extremely valuable. Money is a tool that I want and deserve. I am successful. I can do anything I set out to do.

And guess what? All of this is true for you too! It already exists for you. And as soon as you believe it, the Universe will help you see it.


I’d love to hear about how you had to change your mindset for success! Comment below to interact with me! Don’t forget to share with your friends!



5 Reasons You Keep Falling Off the Wagon

5 Reasons You Keep Falling Off the Wagon

“Loving yourself is the healthiest thing you can ever do.”

If you’re goal this year is to lose weight, chances are, it was your goal last year too. Am I right? But you probably didn’t lose it, or not enough of it, or you gained it all back. Right again? You keep falling off the stupid wagon! But why?

I’ve figured out exactly what’s been keeping the weight on for me and I want to share with you what we can do beyond eating better and exercising to get it off and keep it off.

Here’s the problem:


1. You’re Not Doing it for the Real Reasons


You need to get CLEAR on why you want to lose weight. Why do you really want to accomplish this? You may think you know, but do you really?

I’ve talked about this before (finding the why underneath your why) in my journal posts, but I want to really express the importance of finding your big MOFA. What’s a MOFA? It’s your Motivating Factors! It’s the deepest reason(s) you want to do something. Read my post to find out how to discover your deepest reasons.

I want to wear a bikini to the beach, might be your surface reason. But, I want to gain the most confidence to start my business, might be your deepest truth, or your big MOFA. Sometimes we don’t even know why we really want something until we do the above journaling exercise.

If you’re continuously seeking to accomplish a goal for superficial reasons, you may achieve that goal for a short time, but you will eventually sabotage yourself and end up where you started. I know this because I’ve done it over and over. Understanding your deepest reason(s) why will connect you to your truest self and help you to predict and prevent behavior patterns.


2. You’re Trying to Create Habits You Have No Interest in Maintaining

I’ve started so many diets by setting goals that are unrealistic for my long-term situation or that don’t really align with what I enjoy doing or who I enjoy being. I’m not going to eat a salad daily because I don’t love salads. I’m not going to work out at the gym for an hour 5 days a week because I don’t love going to the gym.

Don’t make yourself do anything you don’t love the idea of doing. I know this sounds a little crazy but stick with me.

Movement doesn’t have to mean running at the gym, lifting weights, or going to yoga three times per week. Find movement you enjoy and fit it into your schedule in a natural way. What about swimming, walking, stretching, exercising with your baby, playing basketball with your teenage son, or doing an exercise video with your husband? Find something you like to do and then fit it into your weekly schedule in a way that is not overwhelming. You can even do it with people you love if you need to feel like you’re not taking time away from them.

And eating shouldn’t be so restrictive. Maybe you don’t like salad but you do love to try new things. You could make it a goal to try a new healthy dish at a restaurant once per week. Or, maybe make one new recipe per week at home. Or, look for healthy recipes on Pinterest and make them with the kids one night a week. Mix it up and allow yourself time to learn and discover what you like.

This is not an all or nothing situation. Being healthy is always a journey and never a destination. Take it slow. When you find things you like…then you know it’s something you will always want to do and you can begin to replace your old habits with healthy ones. Celebrate that you made the decision to be healthy and take it day by day.


3. You’re Looking for a Quick Fix

Maybe you’re getting married soon, going on vacation, or getting ready for an event and you need to lose the weight yesterday. You’ve tried every magic pill and shake under the sun. Sometimes you lost the weight, but gain it back. You want to hurry up and get it done so you work hard…but then you burn out. What gives?

This is similar to what I talked about for number 2. You must realize that habit change doesn’t happen over night. You can force yourself to lose the weight and do it fairly quickly but it will come back and you’re not actually doing it in a healthy way. Health is more than eating right and exercising. It’s a shift in your thinking patterns and lifestyle choices. This shift can only happen over time with lots of practice!

Quick fixes might work quick, but their results will also go away quickly. Practice makes perfect.


4. You’re Eating in Guilt and Shame

A doughnut you eat in gratitude and pleasure is always better for your body than a doughnut you ate in guilt and shame.

If you love Oreos, eat Oreos. If you love fries, eat fries. Don’t deprive yourself of these sweets or treats some of the time if you love them. But, do it in love and appreciation for yourself and the food that is entering your body. Understand that it’s purpose may not be to nourish your body, but to give you pleasure and fulfillment in the moment. Be grateful for what it is. But do not hate it or yourself for eating it.

If you do this, you will begin training your brain to be grateful for this food, and train your body to accept it as nourishment.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying eating fries and Oreos will do the same for you as carrots and broccoli, but I am saying there is a spiritual aspect to it. Be grateful for it instead of ashamed of it and you’re winning half the battle.


5. You’re Measuring Your Success with the Wrong Tools

Please, please, please…stop checking the scale. If you must check it, do it only once per week but do not use it to measure your success. If you lost 5lbs this week, you may feel extremely excited. But if you lost that 5lbs because you skipped meals and were feeling stressed, it was not really a successful week. That 5 lbs will probably come right back.

How else can you measure your success? You might notice… my skin is clearer, my pants are looser, my attitude is better. You may begin to notice you’re not craving soda, or have gone a long time without eating fast food. Maybe you’re starting get compliments from family and friends. Look for any other positive affirmations to help you remember that your health is not measured by the number on your scale. The scale is not even an accurate measure of your hard work.

If you had a positive healthy week and lost weight, then the number on the scale is just perk! But it is not a measure of your worth or work effort.

Celebrate all the other signs that you’re headed in the right direction. The most important validation is how you feel about your personal health journey.


If you’re serious about losing weight, I can help. But I only take serious clients!


Read more about mindful eating here.

And here are some easy healthy living tips to get you started!


I would love to see your comments about this issue! What has worked for you to keep the weight off or to help keep you on the right path to health?


What is a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach?

“Stop short-changing yourself, and everyone you love. When you’re at your best…every area of your life and every person in your life benefits… because they get the BEST you.”

If you’ve followed My Story, you know I’m training to be a Health Coach. I’ve been pretty open about it when people ask, but when you live in the Midwest and people around you don’t understand something, many times they don’t ask. They just look at you funny, nod, and smile. Or they look at me like the image below! Hahaha!

So let’s clear the air…


What a Health Coach Is


I’m not sure how other Coaches might answer this question, but I will tell you what I am training to be: A Master of Habit Change.

A great Health Coach does not simply give you advice, a ton of information,  and then expect you to do the work. I mean, let’s be honest. You already KNOW what to do. You know what to eat, you know you should be exercising, and you know you can cut your stress levels and lose weight by doing A, B, and C. You’re simply not doing it. Why? Because it’s freaking hard, that’s why! Being healthy seems like a lot of work if you’re not used to it. You don’t know where to start. You’re not sure what to buy. You really don’t want to spend an hour a day at the gym, and you’re convinced everything causes cancer anyway, so why bother?

I HEAR you. Hell, I am you, or I was…not that long ago. The most important thing I have learned so far is that it doesn’t have to be so hard, so expensive, or so time-consuming. And everyone can do it if they have the right system in place, plus someone to give you a little kick in the ass a long the way.

You know what a football coach is, right? Well, it’s the same concept. I’m a coach. But instead of being a sports team coach, I’m a coach for YOU. Your very own personal coach for the game of life. And I’m not just here to support you…like a cheerleader, I’m here to STRETCH you. I’ll tell you when you’re doing great. I’ll also tell you when you can do better. There’s no diet or short-term fixes. I’m here to help you make changes that will last forever, so you can live the longest and fullest life possible. Coaches help you find your happy place.

What a Health Coach Is Not

A Health Coach is not a therapist, counselor, doctor, nutritionist or any other medical professional of the sort. However, they do share pieces of knowledge pertaining to each of these fields (depends on the Coach and their background). Coaches should not give you any professional advice that might affect your well-being in a negative way. Health Coaches can, however, refer you to such a professional if the scope of the problem goes beyond our reach and we can work together with these professionals to get you optimal results. It all depends on your unique situation.

Why Someone Might Want a Health Coach

A person might want a health coach for a variety of reasons. You might want a health coach to help you lose weight, manage stress, accomplish fitness goals, sleep better, hydrate better, gain weight, increase energy, improve eating behaviors, improve fitness habits, boost your body confidence, boost your nutrition, optimize any health goals, quit addictive behaviors, and so much more!

Why Health Coaching is SO Worth Your Money

Bare with me. I could write forever on this topic.

I’ve said this 100 times and I will say it a 1000 more. There is no better investment than an investment in YOURSELF. People who’ve never heard of a Health or Life Coach usually will roll their eyes, turn their heads, open their mouths and crinkle their noses at the first sound of the words Health Coach. And then when you talk about cost, their eyes get huge and they say, “Why would I pay you that? I already know how to be healthy.” Yeah, you do. So why haven’t you done it?

Yeah, having your own personal coach isn’t “cheap” but it’s not expensive either, when you break it down. I kind of hate it when I have to jump through hoops to figure out prices so I’m just going to be direct with you here. A starting coach can easily charge $1000-$1200 for a 90 day program and have no problem getting clients. That means you’re paying $11-$12 a day for a TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

When your health is better, EVERYTHING is better. Your mental state is better, your stress level is better, your sex life is better, your confidence, your concentration, your social life, your parenting, your work and business skills…do I need to go on? Improving your health IMPROVES YOUR LIFE.

Broke? Yeah, me too. But that didn’t stop me from paying for the certification program, growing my blog, and buying personal development books. Because I know all this self-improvement is going to pay me big someday. Maybe you can’t have it now, but don’t tell yourself you can’t have it at all. How important is it for you to be healthy? Cut cable, reduce your weekly eating out limit, create a strict budget, or even apply for a credit card (with careful planning). Your health is that important, and being your best self will pay you back in so many ways.

If you still think it costs too much, ask yourself this: What could you possibly use that money for that would improve your life just as drastically? You probably spent that much money, at least, on fast food in the last three months. Am I right? I know I did not that long ago.

Stop short-changing yourself, and everyone you love. When you’re at your best…every area of your life and every person in your life benefits… because they get the BEST you.

A Special Deal for You

I’m still a newbie and I will consider myself a newbie until the program is over and I feel confident enough in my skills and ability to really hone in on my style and make the coaching program my own. That’s really good news for you because you get a MAJOR discount if you decide to work with me during this stage of my development.

Right now, I’m taking practice clients. And only a few. I can’t take too many because I’m still working a part-time job and raising an infant. If you’re interested… act now before I fill up with this special price.

Being my practice client doesn’t mean you get any less value for the program. The program is already done and mastered, ready to go for you… I’m just delivering it without knowing the whole picture yet, and maybe sounding a little scripted because I haven’t made it my own. That’s why I’m giving you a huge discount. Right now, I’m focusing on weight loss. So, you get the full Total Weight-Loss Transformation: The 90 Day Intensive for $500. That’s not even $6 a day. And don’t worry, we never meet in person. It’s all over the phone!

Don’t decide yet. First, schedule your free Weight-Loss Resistance Breakthrough Session with me to uncover what’s been stopping you so far and make a plan for the future. In the Breakthrough Session you will:

*Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from having the body and health that you desire

*Develop a powerful vision for what an ideal healthy life looks like

*Discover what habits are keeping you from having a body that you love

*Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to successfully transform your body and mind in 90 days

And, if we decide this isn’t the right decision for you now, that’s totally okay too. I need to practice the conversation method and it’s still an awesome breakthrough for your health.

Make your appointment here: https://thewiserlife.setmore.com/

Do You Have a Refund Policy?

Absolutely not. Why? Because I can guarantee there will be parts of the coaching process that will make you want to run screaming away. Being uncomfortable is a huge sign of progress. I’m not going to just support you, I’m going to STRETCH you, remember? Having a refund policy only gives you an out. Not having a refund policy makes you commit to the process for every cent it’s worth.

If you finish the program and decide it was not a positive experience, you are welcome to write me a terrible review and I will post it on my testimonials web page. I say that because I am absolutely confident it will not happen.

Even if you don’t work with me, I urge you to set a goal and get a Health Coach in your life. Health not a concern now? Get a life coach (I’m training for that too…), a business coach, or a relationship coach, There are coaches for everything. Do your research, read testimonials and pick someone who fits your needs. It will be a life-changing experience and you will be able to reach goals you didn’t before think were possible.

I Want to Become a Health Coach!

You do!? That’s awesome! Please look into the program I’m going through and use this link  http://www.healthcoachinstitute.com/getstarted?referral_code=  and my referral code H5EXENL0 to get your discount if you decide it’s the program for you. Please research other programs as well.  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have during your journey. It really isn’t just about eating and movement. It’s a holistic program meant to address the person as a whole.

Any other questions or comments? Use the comment form below!

What The Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me About Anger

What The Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me About Anger

“The more you allow yourself to be angry, the more power you give it.  It will fill your soul like the black mold that grows on your tile shower until you clean it out with bleach.”

(Warning- Sensitive, and possibly triggering content. Do not read if you have thoughts of suicide or harming yourself.)

What I Did

If you’ve read My Story, you know that I once stayed a few days in a psychiatric hospital as a teenager (16). I was fed up with life and swallowed a half bottle of pills, hoping it wouldn’t kill me… but feeling okay if it did, so that one of the adults in my life might get over their shit and wake up.

Long and sad story short, no one woke up.

Afterwards I had to suffer many concerned and awkward stares from family and teachers who didn’t know what to say, my poop was black for three days (I know…TMI) because my stomach was pumped with charcoal, and I had to convince some youth-specializing psychiatrist that I probably wouldn’t do it again (even though he would have sent me home anyway as soon as the Medicaid limit was reached).

But all for what? Everything at home stayed the same. Mission failed.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Die

Every experience teaches us something though, right? So, what could I learn from spending three nights in a facility where I wasn’t allowed to have a real fork or wear shoes with laces? And what could I learn from five or six other roommates who appeared considerably more disturbed than I was?

I’ll tell you what I learned about: emotions.

I’ll never forget one teenage boy who was a repeat psychiatric hospital offender. In group therapy he was pretty forthcoming about the several times he had attempted to kill himself. Each time, his mother found him and he ended up back here. On the last attempt, he hung himself in the garage or bathroom with one of those big orange extension cords.  He nearly succeeded.  I could still see the marks on his neck. And he was pretty sure he would try again. I was awestruck by his honesty and dumbfounded that he was still alive. I think his only saving grace is that he was caught on the first attempt and so he was probably not given enough time or the opportunity to succeed. Plus, the Universe just wasn’t ready to let him go. I hope he’s somewhere on the planet still today, winning at life.

I decided that day that I was not these people. I didn’t really want to die, I just wanted to be happy. But I was so angry at my parents for behaving like they did and for all the people in their lives who enabled them. I was so angry that I was born into this life. I was so angry that no one was around to lift me up. I often lashed out at my mother or self-harmed because, as an introvert, that was just easier. But it all stemmed from anger. I hated the world. Worse, I hated myself.

Anger will eat you alive. The more you allow yourself to be angry, the more power you give it.  It will fill your soul like the black mold that grows on your tile shower until you clean it out with bleach.

Group Therapy and Leader Dude

On one particular day of group therapy, the leader dude was doing a lesson on emotions. He asked us to contemplate anger and what it was. I was feeling pretty disgusted that I might be expected to share any personal thoughts with these strangers, and really self-conscious since I also didn’t have my blow-dryer or makeup to use after my shower (oh, teenagers). I was quiet. So was everyone else.

So he did what any good group leader dude would do, and asked one of us a direct question. He looked at the teenage boy who tried to kill himself several times and asked, why do you want to die? The conversation is far back in my memory, but it went something like this:

Boy: “Because I’m angry.”

Leader Dude: “Angry about what?”

Boy: “Angry about everything!”

Leader Dude: “Name one thing.”

Boy: “Okay, angry that I don’t fit in at school and kids pick on me.”

Leader Dude: “How does it make you feel when kids pick on you?”

Boy: “I just told you, dumb-ass, it makes me feel angry!”

Then the leader dude said something like this: “What if I told you that anger isn’t a real emotion? It’s a surface mask for other emotions. And it’s a reaction to the other emotions we’re feeling but maybe don’t want to feel. When I was a kid my parents got a divorce, and I often acted angry towards them when they tried to talk to me about it. But what I was really feeling was sad, confused, disappointed, scared, and alone. So, what I’m asking you, is how do you really feel when the kids pick on you?”

“I guess…I guess I feel sad and alone. Like I’m not good enough to hang out with them. Like, I’m sad that I’m different.”

Then the leader dude showed us a colorful emotions wheel which was supposed to be some representation of all the emotions we might be feeling instead of anger. I’m pretty sure the rest of the time I heard blah…blah…blah blah…blah.

What I Learned

You never could tell by looking at my indifferent face, but what he said struck me like half gallon of chocolate ice cream after midnight.

Anger is not a real emotion. It’s a mask we use to cover up what we’re really feeling, because the underlying emotion is just too painful. It’s easier to leave on the mask and stuff the real emotions down.  If we want to get somewhere we have to take off the mask, name our emotions, and explore them.

So little by little that’s what I did. I stopped identifying with anger. Whenever I felt it rising up, I asked myself what I was really feeling and explored the real emotion underneath it.

Bad things, terribly unfair and even horrible things, will happen. People will mistreat you, scam you, ignore you, talk badly about you.

But that’s their story, not yours. I’m always telling my kids when they argue and fuss, you can NOT control what the other does, you can only control how you react to it.

What You Can Do

If anger is an issue for you, practice confronting it this week.

When your spouse makes you mad because he or she didn’t fold the laundry…again…explore the real emotion in that. Could it be that you’re feeling ignored or taken for granted because they expect you to do it instead?

When your child screams, I HATE YOU, instead of reacting in anger consider the real emotion. Are you feeling hurt by their words, and frustrated because you don’t know how to resolve the problem with a more positive solution?

Identifying your emotions teaches you a lot about yourself and gives you power over your feelings. It doesn’t make the anger go away but it will help it subside over time if you commit exploring it and then discussing it with the person on the other side of your anger.

If anger is a deep-rooted problem for you, or if you just like to talk to someone about stuff, I always recommend counseling. It’s a powerful experience that can only help you feel better.

And if you’re still trying to figure out The Secret to Life, I’ve got it right here! I also have some tips on coping with stress.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Don’t forget to subscribe. I’m proud of this post and hope to someday reward my subscribers with awesome stuff!

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Comment below and tell me about your anger struggles.



Workbook for Wisdom Wednesday (Your Free Gift)

Workbook for Wisdom Wednesday (Your Free Gift)

“Please take advantage of this planner to start the New Year off with a bang!”


Happy New Year, friends! How is 2018 treating you so far?


Did you notice the title for this week’s journal is a little different? That’s because, in the spirit of the New Year, and as a thanks to you for being my reader, I’m giving you a free gift.


The 2018 Yearly Planner

It’s the 2018 Yearly Planner printable workbook for your 2018 intentions. If you haven’t journaled yet about your 2018 intentions, please do.

Use my last Journal for Wisdom Wednesday’s post to help you!

There’s no strings attached. You don’t have to follow any of my social media profiles, take any challenges, or subscribe to my list. Of course I welcome you to do that and I hope you do, but what I hope more is that you’ll have an amazing 2018 because you took the time to think and write about your goals. I care about my readers. I want to grow and I want you to grow. Please take advantage of this planner to start the New Year off with a bang!


Your Assignment

There’s no usual prompt. I’ll get back to those next week. This week, your assignment is to print and fill out the planner workbook and set your spirit on fire!

As always, I would love to hear about any new insights you discovered while writing. Here’s your free gift:



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Happy New Year!


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