The Ultimate Six Personal Development Gifts You Can Give This Year

The Ultimate Six Personal Development Gifts You Can Give This Year

“This year, give the gift of personal growth!”

I don’t know about you, but I get sick of buying loads of tired and meaningless gifts every year. Christmas socks, a coffee mug with a cute quote, and homemade candy are fine once in a while- but after a few years of giving these gifts, it starts to feel like a waste money and gift-giving opportunity. A gift should be something special. And it should add value to your loved one’s life. That’s why I decided to create a list of The Ultimate Six Personal Development Gifts You Can Give This Year. Personal development gifts are hard to come by and mostly come in the form of books. But The Ultimate Six is the best list of personal development categories you can choose from. I also included my #1 pick for each category to get you started. This year, give the gift of personal growth!

1. Inspirational Books

Give the gift of inspiration. Inspirational books are amazing. They’re a great gift for anyone who loves to read and wants to get better at life. My recommendation in this area are these two motivational books by the Author Jen Sincero. Jen is queen of badassery. Her books are what motivated me to stop whining about the parts of my life I don’t enjoy, and actually take action. The first book is how to become an overall badass. The second is more specific on how to be a badass at making money. Help your friends and family find their inner badass. They’ll be glad you did.

2. Life Planners

Give the gift of organization. Life planners are so fun for those of us who just love planning and writing down dates, events, and goals in cute little notebooks. I really like Erin Condren’s life planner. It’s adorable, for one, it has weekly and monthly spreads, plus it includes pages for goal setting, and blank pages for notes and scribbles!

3. Success Planners

Give the gift of success. Success planners are more than life or goal planners, they are your ultimate success building organizational journal of awesomeness! I really like The Law of Attraction Success Planner because it’s actually designed to help you improve your life in 12 months. Honestly, the outside could be more attractive, but the inside is full of self-improvement goodies. Inside you’ll find tools to help increase your productivity, your energy, your joy, and your ability to form and stick with good habits.

4. Journals

Give the gift of personal discovery. If you read my blog, you know I really believe in the power of journaling. And not just regular daily journaling, but intentional journaling. Journals are a fantastic gift-giving idea because they are a powerful tool for self-exploration. There really are all kinds of journals you could buy (gratitude journals, list making journals, goal setting journals), but I really love the Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration, because it assists the writer by giving us prompts and quotes for inspiration. It’s not just a journal full of blank pages. It’s full of little nudges to get you writing with purpose!

5. Healthy Boxes or Baskets

Give the gift of health. Do you have a loved one who’s working on improving their health by eating right, exercising, or reducing stress? This year, buy a gift that will help them reach their goals. There are a number of “healthy gifts” you can buy, but remember to be sensitive. A gym membership, for example, might send the wrong message if it wasn’t specifically asked for. Personally, I think boxes and baskets full of food or healthy products to try is a great idea. Like this Holiday Snack Box full of delicious dried fruits and nuts!

6. Learning Tools

Give the gift of knowledge. Is your loved one interested in learning something new this year? Maybe they want study a new language, learn to decorate cakes, start a business, save money or take up blogging! Whatever it is, there’s probably a course for that online, a book, or DVD that will teach them how to do it. I really love the Living Well Spending Less blog, and one of the thing Ruth teaches her readers to do is live a great life without spending a ton of money. In this DVD course she teaches you the 12 secrets to doing just that.


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