I’m Ashley!

Hi, I’m Ashley!

Ashley Rainsbarger is a Transformational Mindset coach who uses  healthy lifestyle, journaling, and mindset techniques to help women move out of the emotional pain and into the life of their dreams!

Her business, The Wiser Life, is all about living a powerful life through a higher belief in self. It’s being happier, healthier, and more hopeful of a future you always wanted!

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  • Why is Money Mindset important? Well, how else are you going to fund your dreams? Link to your free workbook is in my bio.
  • Anyone want to take bets as to how long the bow stays on?
  • Which kind of woman are you?

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Cassie and Ashley met through Facebook and had an awesome convorsation about Cassie’s desire to become a business coach…

“I really like how you speak in your messaging and get your point across. Very encouraging! I think you will be (well, from our 10 min convo…I can tell you already ARE) a great coach!”

Cassey Potts

Marketing Manager, Springfield, Missouri

After reading Ashley’s tips on attracting more money, Daisy got the courage to seek higher paying parents…

“I loved the financial article. I quit on two parents today because financially it didn’t make sense for me to keep them. I want to be able to stay home and provide a little more for my family and it gave me the courage to say no to them. Thanks, Ashley!”

Daisy Rardon

Child Care Provider, Platte City, Missouri

Kelly saw Ashley's honest Facebook post about the real-life consequences of smoking and decided it was finally time to take action...

"I just want you to know that after your post about quit smoking...I put a patch on Sunday night and haven't smoked one since! I will reach for my pack and wish they were there...but never want to smoke again! I'm going to win this battle! Thank You!"

Kelly Henry

Holdrege, Nebraska

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