“Once you change your mindset the Universe delivers what you need in a lot of funny ways.”


Things for me are really moving for me since deciding to get serious about starting my coaching business. 

But even before that, ever since I decided to change my mindset, my life followed suit. Now I’m taking action like a true Boss Lady! Things are really happening and I’m even attracting awesome connections into my life. Here’s the 411…

Wait, does anyone even know what that means anymore? Haha!

  1. I made an awesome new friend!
  2. I have a beautiful new work space!
  3. I finished my premium program outline! Which I will launch in a MONTH
  4. I’m offering an awesome new FREE workbook for Money Mindset!

My New Friend!

I connected with a wonderful woman in a Facebook group who was just looking for a little guidance on becoming a coach. She happened to also be experienced in business startup…so it was a perfect match! I gave her coaching advice and she gave me business advice. Plus, we had so much in common that I’m sure we’re going to be real, supportive friends!

Once you change your mindset the Universe delivers what you need in a lot of funny ways.


My New Work Space!

Also, this week my husband finished the desk he’s been working on and now I finally have a beautiful work space set up to do my coaching business. Having a beautiful space for you to be creative in is so important! I love it! I’m also so grateful to be married to man who supports me in my dreams. Isn’t it amazing?

My New Program!

I’ve got the outline of my program all set up and I’m ready to start making content!

My 4 Month program is going to focus on goal setting first (so we know what we’re working towards), letting go of all the “shit” in your life (all the stuff that holds you back), taking care of #1 (YOU!), and then making shit happen! The last part of the program focusses on kicking your faith and action into high-gear so that you feel so much more confident about your ability to handle whatever the future holds!  I’m will be offering free Breakthrough coaching calls soon, so be sure to reply if you’re already thinking about signing up for this amazing program. I launch in a month!

Spots are very limited as I can only handle about 4 Premium Clients per month.


My New Workbook!

Also, I’ve been eagerly working on my first workbook that I will use in the premium program about Money Mindset.  I’m designing for my clients but will offer it as a FREE gift to anyone else who signs up for my email list. Here’s the cover. I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. The information in this workbook is what helped me manifest the money to sign up for a coaching certification program AND hire a business coach. Before my shift in mindset, I would have just surrendered to my limiting beliefs that I could NEVER afford to do something like this, or have the GUTS to take that kind of financial risk. And never, would I EVER have believed I could start my business.

It’s not available yet, but don’t worry. As soon as I make it available on my site, you can enter your email and sign up for it as a THANK YOU for being my awesome subscriber!

Remember: You are the Boss Lady of your life!

Screw fear.
Screw doubt.
Screw limiting beliefs!



And you can do it all without permission from anyone else but yourself!

Have a wonderful week!

Please comment below and tell me about any WINS in your life! Or maybe you’re struggling. I’d love to give a few tips on how to handle anything life throws your way.

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Happy Sunday, and Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

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