I’m Ashley!

Hi, I’m Ashley!

Ashley Rainsbarger is a Transformational Mindset coach who uses  healthy lifestyle, journaling, and mindset techniques to help women move out of the emotional pain and into the life of their dreams!

Her business, The Wiser Life, is all about living a powerful life through a higher belief in self. It’s being happier, healthier, and more hopeful of a future you always wanted!

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2018 You are A Boss Lady Facebook Challenge

"I just really hope it will inspire even one other woman to change her life like I did and finally BELIEVE it's possible."   The 2018 You are a Boss Lady Facebook Challenge Are you ready for this? I'm running another challenge, and this one is for Boss Ladies! I think...

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Have Faith in the Universe, for it WILL Take You Places

"Once you change your mindset the Universe delivers what you need in a lot of funny ways."   Things for me are really moving for me since deciding to get serious about starting my coaching business.  But even before that, ever since I decided to change my mindset, my...

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An Update on My Mom and Me

"It's so difficult sometimes to take a deep, intentional breath and just be grateful for all that you have and all that will be, and to surrender your struggle to the Universe."   Hey, awesome ladies! Isn't Tuesday great? I can never decide on Tacos or Tequila... I'm...

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5 Daily Practices of Grateful People

"The most abundant lives are the lives full of gratitude."   The number one complaint I usually have about my own children is how ungrateful they often act. My daughter can give a nasty stare when she’s not pleased to know we’re having Sloppy Joes again, and my son...

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6 Things to STOP Now If You Want to Be Successful

"Stop giving a shit about the opinions of people who are afraid to grow... and no matter what happens, stay on course. Their opinions can only affect you if you let them."    I'm so excited because this week I reached 1k Total Social Follows! Check out my sidebar to...

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The Secret to Life

“You are the only You there is, and your creator is not happy that you don’t treat yourself better because he/she/it lovingly created every last cell of your body with meaning and a deep sense of purpose.”   You’ve been searching for it all along, but still can’t find...

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Bloggers Wanted! A New Blog Series

I'm looking for guest posts that elaborate on the connection between a healthy body and spirituality!   The Healthy Body and Spirit Connection   It started out as a simple request, but ended up drawing in a lot of interest! In my spiritual journey, I've become really...

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5 Reasons You Keep Falling Off the Wagon

"Loving yourself is the healthiest thing you can ever do." If you're goal this year is to lose weight, chances are, it was your goal last year too. Am I right? But you probably didn't lose it, or not enough of it, or you gained it all back. Right again? You keep...

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3 Steps to Attract More Money

"There’s nothing wrong with wanting more money and believing that you deserve it, because it’s the best way to make positive changes in your life, therefore leaving you freer to make positive changes in the lives of others." Money: We Love You, But We Hate You Most of...

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8 EASY Ways to Get Healthy

"Simple lifestyle changes can transform your health and therefore improve every other area of your life."   If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably addicted to carbs and/or sugar, and you’re not exactly fond of exercise. Actually, you’d rather complete high...

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10 Reasons Why Target is GOOD For You

"Target is good for your body, good for your mind, and good for your soul!" *This post may contain affiliate links*   Target is a guilty pleasure, right? Well, don't worry. I'm here to tell you, you don't have to feel guilty about shopping there ANYMORE. Why? Because...

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How I Keep My Sanity with Baby Stations at Home

*This post may contain affiliate links* "Baby stations are a fun and engaging way for your baby to explore their world, stay entertained, and allow you to get work done."   The Star of this blog post is Little Miss A. She's six months old now and I love her to pieces!...

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What is a Health Coach?

"Stop short-changing yourself, and everyone you love. When you're at your best...every area of your life and every person in your life benefits... because they get the BEST you." If you've followed My Story, you know I'm training to be a Health Coach. I've been pretty...

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What The Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me About Anger

"The more you allow yourself to be angry, the more power you give it.  It will fill your soul like the black mold that grows on your tile shower until you clean it out with bleach." (Warning- Sensitive, and possibly triggering content. Do not read if you have thoughts...

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Workbook for Wisdom Wednesday (Your Free Gift)

"Please take advantage of this planner to start the New Year off with a bang!"   Happy New Year, friends! How is 2018 treating you so far?   Did you notice the title for this week's journal is a little different? That's because, in the spirit of the New Year, and as a...

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(Updated) 2017 Year in Review Instagram Challenge

"You probably have a lot of room for improvement, everyone does. But, there's also a lot to be proud of this year! Let's celebrate that!"   (UPDATED 12/31/2017) Okay everyone, I got 5 responses to my Instagram challenge. I know, that doesn't seem like a lot but...

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I Was Nominated for The Liebster Award!

So a really cool thing happened...I was nominated for The Liebster Award by Heather from Live Like a Butterfly! Thank you, Heather!   Please check out her blog. She is a beautiful soul who embraces life with love and light!   What is The Liebster Award? The purpose of...

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Journal For Wisdom Wednesdays #4: Your Favorite Things

"You can love others the best only when you're at your best." Thank you for continuing to read Journal for Wisdom Wednesdays! I know, it's not Wednesday. If you've been keeping up with me on Facebook, or popped in on the website the last few days, you might know that...

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Journal for Wisdom Wednesdays #3: Discover a Deeper Gratitude

Thank you for continuing to read Journal for Wisdom Wednesdays! Every week I will continue to post a journal prompt on Wednesday to help guide us towards our deeper wisdom. Don’t worry, I’m pretty new to all this spiritual hoo-haa too, so I’ll be doing the journal...

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How to Host Thanksgiving with A Lot Less Stress

"If you do want to host Thanksgiving...but are worried about the mental cost, just stick with me. I’ll get you through it."   How do you host Thanksgiving with a lot less stress? If you’re like me, you enjoy hosting Thanksgiving, but there’s at least a bit of dread...

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25 Positive Ways to Cope with Stress

We all have stress in our lives. The question is, how do you cope with it? Many of us cope with stress in unhealthy ways. We eat bags of chips, watch hours of TV, scroll through our Facebook feed continuously, or even resort to medicating ourselves with unhealthy...

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Journal for Wisdom Wednesdays #2: Write Your Universal Order

Thank you for continuing to read Journal for Wisdom Wednesdays! Every week I will continue to post a journal prompt on Wednesday to help guide us towards our deeper wisdom. Don’t worry, I’m pretty new to all this spiritual hoo-haa too, so I’ll be doing the journal...

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