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Hey, friend, I’m Ashley!

Mother👶🏻, wife💍, blogger 💻, wine lover🍷, food enthusiast 🌮, writer ✍🏻, and life coach in training⭐️!

The Wiser Life is all about living a better life through a higher belief in self. It’s being happier, healthier, and more hopeful of a future you always wanted!

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  • I have a question for you, my awesome friends, as I try to hone in on my coaching style and purpose! Actually 2 questions. 
1️⃣ 1. Which person would you hire to help you based only their description: 🌼Person 1. I help people make a connection between mind and body so they can create lasting habit change. Or... 🌼Person 2. I help people eliminate mental roadblocks and create room for what makes them healthiest and happiest. 
Now for question 2️⃣ Which person would you hire to coach you based on their official titles? 🌸A. Holistic Health Coach 🌸B. Mind and Body Connection Coach
🌸C. Health and Wellness Coach

Maybe you have other suggestions? I am forever grateful for your answers!
  • You know, putting yourself out there online...is pretty easy. Putting yourself in front of people in your real world...that shit is scary. 😬Those are the people whose opinions you worry about, those are the ones you want the most support from, and those are the ones who will judge you the harshest. And sometimes they give you tons of love and support 🌺... but sometimes they look at you sideways and suddenly question your authenticity. Sometimes they start to back out of your life. Sometimes they can’t handle your new found confidence. “Who does she think she is believing in big dreams?” 😒Well I’ll tell you that reaction has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. Today I did something brave. ⭐️I put myself out there on the local neighborhood app and my personal fb page...to let everyone in my little town know I mean business. I also emailed a couple newspapers to pitch them an idea about health coaching and the local girl taking it on! 🌸Take risks. Put yourself out there and let the opportunity flow in. People will respect you for it and if they don’t it’s okay... because they are not a part of your tribe. Attract your tribe. Be yourself and DO NOT apologize for it. 💋🤩
  • When you’re getting healthy you eat weird lunches. Check out my shrimp 🍤 scampi, applesauce 🍎, cheese stick 🧀, and handful of nuts 🥜 for lunch! Cheese stick not shown because I wasn’t inspired to take a pic until after I ate it. 😂🙄♥️🌺 Oh and then for dessert I had a piece of dark orange flavored chocolate! Yum! What was your healthy lunch? Maybe you can take a pic before you eat it? 😆

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